Oh, hey! I'm Isabella, and I'm from New Jersey. I'm madly in love with wrestling, and I have been since November 2007. I meet tons of wrestlers and go to lots of wrestling events. I used to be ConfessionsofaWrestlingFan here on Tumblr, and have a Youtube called LifeofaWrestlingFan. And just in case you're interested, I'm a Slytherin.

If you couldn't tell, I'm in love with Sheamus. And I have been since August 2009. I've met him three times; the first being January 22, 2011.

Please, keep in mind: This is not a wrestling blog, it's a wrestling journal. Maybe, mixed in with a bit of other things I love: Victoria's Secret, Tom Hardy, Once Upon A Time, and the Walking Dead.. to name a few.

Can he wear green bandanas all the time?

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    Can he wear green bandanas all the time?
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